Amiga Art: Learning How to Use Disney Presents: The Animtion Studio - Ink & Paint Part 3

July 26, 2022

I did it. I finished the animation. Working with this software is more challenging than I expected. It also didn’t help that my tablet was having issues with Weylus after a while. I also learn just what Frisket does, and why it’s important to Free the Frisket!

Skip to 2:23:54 if you want to see the finished animation playing. Or, since you’re on this site, you can watch it below!

Animated Topaz

I used iff2gif ( to turn the IFF ANIM file I saved into the GIF you’re viewing above!

I’ll be taking a break from streaming while I focus on the next video, then I’ll pick back up with either DeluxePaint V or True Brilliance as my next Amiga art tool to explore.

Stream music by Nihilore (CC-BY 4.0) –

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