Notes from the Amiga - Cura and the AjSTer

September 27, 2022

I’m in the slow process of printing out the AjSTer, a case for my MiSTer that incorporates a mechanical keyboard so it feels more computer-y when I use it for computer things. It’s likely the place where I’ll try out Atari ST emulation for a future video, and it’ll be the device I bring around when I want to do Amiga or PC emulation in the wild.

I started running into a weird problem I’ve hit with Cura in the past – a random layer has a big slice filled in with skin, despite the model being perfectly manifold. For the bottom piece for the Digital I/O board, the glitch appeared when slicing at my usual default layer height of 0.12mm. Bumping the layer height up to 0.125mm got it to go away, but the behavior is really bizarre.

Cura 0.12mm vs 0.125mm

Also the keyboard on this A1200 is starting to be more responsive. Most of my keystrokes are registering right away. I think the old thing just needed some breaking in.