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The Industrious Rabbit is by me, John Bintz. I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years. I started this project initially to share some wisdom about my experiences as a developer, but found I was more interested in exploring some of the more off-beat areas of technology, and finding ways to explain them that were interesting and fun. It’s also an excuse to develop and improve my illustration skills. So I guess what I’m saying is that this is a constantly evolving project!

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You can keep up with the latest posts via RSS. I’m active on the Fediverse, so I’ll post retro, art, and video stuff at @TopazRabbit@oldbytes.space.

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Finally, I post photos on my Pixelfed installation.

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If you like what I’m doing, buy me a floppy disk: https://ko-fi.com/topazrabbit


You can contact me by email at hello [at] theindustriousrabbit [dot] com. You have to put the phrase Hey, Topaz! in the subject line for me to receive it!

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I write up random stuff on my main site at johnbintz.com.

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