Drawing YOUR REQUESTS on a Quantel Paintbox!

August 31, 2023
Anthropomorphic rabbit sitting at Quantel Paintbox announcing that he will draw your requests on September 3rd

I’ve been given access to a V-Series Quantel Paintbox and I want to draw your requests on it! I’ll be on the machine for a few hours, streaming the art production on my PeerTube channel and talking with the Paintbox’s owner, Adrian Wilson, while I draw. Send in your characters, ref sheets, and requests, and I’ll do my best to honor those on this dedicated art machine from the 90s! Don’t make me just draw Topaz and the Amiga custom chip characters over and over, because I will if you don’t send anything in.

Don’t know what a Paintbox is? Watch my latest video to learn more!

Submission Instructions

If you want to submit a drawing request, use the email instructions on the About page to send me your request. Attach or link to any reference images I might need. You must email me your request! Requests made on Mastodon will cause me to point you at these instructions instead.

  • The deadline is Saturday, September 2 at 5pm! Any emails received after then won’t be part of this stream.
  • Requests must be safe for work! I am the sole decider of what that means, and I can work with you beforehand to make it SFW if needed.
  • One request per person, please!
  • Keep attached reference images smaller than 1 MB.
  • I’ll randomize the entries after I’ve sorted through them.
  • I may not get through every entry! If I don’t get to yours, I’ll email you and ask if you’d like me to feature it on a non-Paintbox art stream instead.
  • I’m not going to email you about anything else besides this art stream.
  • I’ll do my best to retrieve the final images off of the machine directly to send to you. If I can’t, you’ll have to settle for a screen capture. Hey, it’s free art from a custom computer from the 90s, whaddaya want?