The Amiga Custom Chipset

Articles about the custom chipsets (the Original and Enhanced Chip Sets, and the Advanced Graphics Architecture chip set) in the Commodore Amiga computers, the hardware that made the Amiga the Amiga.

The Amiga: What the heck is NoFastMem?

  Video available! Watch What the Heck is NoFastMem? for a more detailed take on this blog post! The Amiga was a marvel of computing at release, with a custom set of processor chips that took over audio, video, and I/O from the CPU, allowing the computer to do so much more than other machines of the era.

The Amiga: Meet Agnus, the Fastest, Mathiest Painter

Combining multiple image sources together is a tough challenge for any artist. It’s hard when you need to do it 30 times a second. It’s even harder when you can’t even hold a paintbrush!

Amiga Copper Demo and Module Music Video

I wrote some code to run a simple Copper demo on the Amiga, hand animated some stuff in Krita, and layered a bunch of great public domain and Creative Commons Attribution module music (a music format originating on Amiga computers) on top of it. Over 90 minutes of awesome music!