Notes from the Amiga - Plipbox

September 29, 2022

I didn’t want my Amiga 1200 confined to a non-networked life. I’ve been exploring network solutions for it for a while and finally settled on a Plipbox setup.

A Plipbox connected to my Amiga 1200

I ordered a fully-built one from and used a spare Mini USB cable to power it. I found that trying to use MiamiInit in MiamiDX would hang when it got to Verifying DNS Servers, so I ended up configuring it manually. It’s working great! I installed the demo of IBrowse and the ‘030 in my machine handles the Ethernet traffic at a reasonable enough pace. Considering that my networking options on my prior Amiga were a 56K modem, I’m not complaining if my bandwidth is measured in the tens of kilobytes on this machine.