The Nintendo Entertainment System

The revolutionary Family Computer and Nintento Entertainment System lived on for so long due to a lot of great hardware and software tricks.

The NES: Cartridge Constraints

Constraints can be annoying. Being limited in what you are able to do is frustrating. But the great thing about constraints is that they force you to think of new, creative solutions to work around them, ones you wouldn’t ordinarily try out. A common thing I’ll do in creative projects is use random generators to determine names, species, clothing, scenarios, whatever I need to make the project work.

The NES: The Game State That Lasted Seven Days

  Video available! Watch NES Passwords: Notebook-based save game storage for a different take on the content of this post! Before the first NES game with battery backup, The Legend of Zelda, came out, you had two options: Either you beat the whole game in one sitting Or you got these weird passcodes you had to type in to restore where you were.

The NES: Playing Volleyball with Three of Your Friends

Playing a video game with a friend is great. You get to have fun and bond while you stop the aliens together or compete for the high score. But what if you have more than one friend? Weird to think about, right? And what if you wanted to play a bodacious new volleyball video game with more than one friend at the same time.

NES Passwords: Notebook-based save game storage

Topaz the Rabbit talks about a big problem with big video games for early consoles – how do you make it so you don’t have to beat the whole thing in one sitting?

NES Text Passwords: Demo NES ROM

I built an NES ROM in 6502 assembler to illustrate how spaces and dashes in Metroid passwords could be exchanged for each other.

Spaces in Metroid passwords

Topaz digs into an addition to a 6-bit character password system.

Why were you asked to hold down RESET when powering off battery backed-up NES games?

Topaz tackles the age-old gamer question: Why did some battery backed-up NES games ask you to hold down the RESET button when you powered down the NES?